Soundproof glass

Do the city bustle and unpleasant sounds from the outside annoy you?

The solution is sound-proof glass SILANCE and ACOUSTIC.

Because of the resonance of the glass sheets of the same thickness in a set, the ability of a joint pane 4/16/4 to muffle the noise is lower than a single glass sheet 4mm thick. Therefore if the muffling function is important for us ( e.g. we live in a noisy district) we should decide for sound-proof window-panes CLIMAPLUS ACOUSTIC, which attenuate sounds which range from 29 dB to 43dB or sound-proof window panes CLIMAPLUS SILENCE which attenuate sounds from 29 dB to 52 dB.


Diminishing the noise by a certain number of decibels results in a difference in perception of the noise coming from the outside. The change of RW coefficient does not change the perception of a listener linearly. The basic rule is that diminishing the noise by 10dB results in a perception of reducing the noise by half.




A laminated glass-sheet with a special acoustic foil SILENCE which has the bet parameter available on the market guarantees silence. Window-panes STAPID SILENCE have the same anti-burglary and safety characteristics as laminated STAPID window-panes which have analogical structure.



Configuration of the panes depends on the demanded sound -absorbing parameters. Higher soud-absorbing level CLIMAPLUS ACOUSTIC is achieved by:

- Differentiation of the thickness of glass sheets in a set

- Widening the distance between the glass sheets


It is recommended that the type of the glass sheet should be adjusted to the type of the frame and the insulation. Glass sheets which have a high acoustic insulation coefficient require high parameter installation. The side of the installation of a joint window-pane does not affect the acoustic parameters of the window.

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Main technical parameters of the glass can be described by a set of measures: U, g, Lt and Rw. Check information on their meaning and have a look on sample values to make sure the glass in your future windows meets all your expectations.


Estethics or the need to preserve the character of the building often demand the use of window bars. They enable renovation of even historic buildings without breaking their primary stylistic. .



A significant element of joint glass is a frame between the glass sheets. Using a special type of insulated frame SGG SWISSPACER , more energy can be saved.