MACO Multi-Matic

The sophisticated design, with a uniform silver-look surface and linear recesses on the faceplate, give the fittings an elegant and slim line look.


i.S. = intelligent security

The i.S. security cam is the most sophisticated way of making windows secure.

The i.S. security cam can be combined with a standard striker plate and a security striker plate.


The i.S. striker plates.

A special composition of materials and a very work-intensive pressure casting procedure ensure complete stability.

Magnetic  sensors

Magnetic  sensors can be built inside a frame  and the sash so that they are invisible. They enable a connection with an alarm system. Magnetic sensors start the alarm at the moment of interruption of the circuit (opening the window).


Magnetic sensors are a better and more comfortable solution than motion sensors used in regular alarm systems for two reasons:

- They enable to move round inside the building while the alarm is on

- They activate the alarm at the moment of opening the window/door, before the burglar gets into the house


The invisible installation of magnetic sensors is possible only during the production process, therefore the option to purchase magnetic sensors should be considered when replacing windows and doors.

The Sash Lifter

For many years, MACO has been the only fitting manufacturer to produce tilt-turn drive gears with a fixed safeguard against faulty control. Now the sash lifter has been improved even further.


The sash lifter:

- Guarantees long life

- Prevents mis-hanldling.

- Lift the sash into the correct position without much effor thereby requiring little adjustment

- Even heavy sashes can be closed easily, ensuring improved operation for years to come


Additional tilt setting for night ventilation in standard.