Facade systems


Our façade systems are used to fabricate glass façades of buildings such as banks, hotels, administration offices, office buildings, car showrooms, gyms, etc. They are also used for multiple spatial structures and roof glazing that light the interior and create a suitable atmosphere and comfort to its users. They are an excellent tool for shaping contemporary architecture and implementing designers’ bold visions. The most popular among these products are the mullion-transom systems. ALUPROF’s façade solutions include also a range of products of various design and appearance, including a bunch of individual solutions.


System MB-SR50

The mullion-transom curtain wall.

Thanks to the rich offer of profiles, the architects and designers designing enginners may realize even the most bold concepts as regards the aluminium-glass structures.

The system is intended for constructing and creating the light-weight curtain walls of hanging and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights and other structures.

The shape of mullions and transoms allows building aesthetic facades with visible narrow dividing lines, ensuring the structure durability and resistance at the same time. Additionally, the profiles have rounded external edges, what gives the so-called soft-line effect.

The large number of mullions and transoms available in this system guarantees the best possible aluminium use. The economic profiles were obtained by optimization of the intersection shape and by selecting the optimal wall thickness. At a very high load, all mullions may be additionally reinforced with typical internal aluminium profiles, increasing their resistance. The simple profile processing lowers the workload and eliminates all types of carvings at the side surfaces of the mullions.


Application of the thermal break made of insulating material HPVC and the glazing gaskets made of EPDM allows achieving the appropriate class of thermal insulation.


In facades based on the MB-SR50 system, various shapes of cover beads can be applied. The aesthetic variation of this is the so-called horizontal and vertical line, where the horizontal or vertical divisions are emphasized. This system constitutes the base also for other solutions: “semi-structural” wall MB-SR50 EFEKT, the “Industrial” type of façade, structures applied with the overlay method on the supporting wood or steel framework (MB-SR50 A). In all those variants, apart from standard opening elements, it is possible to use skylight windows and tilt windows, basing on the structural wall system MB-SG50.

System MB-TT50

The new, modern MB-TT50curtain wall system goes a step ahead in functionality and effectiveness compared to classic crossbar facades. It offers exceptional insulation and weather performance achieved by special 3 zone cascade drainage and ventilation of the glazing rebates. Its innovative construction enables to reasonably reduce the time required to manufacture and construct the complete curtain wall. It is designed to serve as the base system for security anti burglary and fire rated varieties.



Air Permeability:  Class AE 1350Pa, EN 12153:2004; EN 12152:2004

Watertightness: Class RE 1800Pa, EN 12155:2004; EN 12154:2004

Thermal insulation (Uf): from 0,5 W/m2K

Fire resistance: EI 30 and EI 60

Burglar resistance: WK2 and WK3