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Whatever you want from your windows - plenty of natural light, thermal insulation, protection against overheating or noise reduction - is possible with suitable glass, which combine various functions to suit all your needs.


We use glass produced by Saint-Gobain Group.

Saint-Gobain Glass Solutions is Saint-Gobain's network of glass transforming and glass distributing companies for the building sector in Europe. The extensive experience Saint-Gobain has acquired through the years enables its to offer customers the very best in high-performance glass and innovative glazing for exterior and interior applications, both in new construction and in renovation.


Saint-Gobain Glass owns 32 float lines worldwide (including 13 joint ventures), 13 magnetron coating facilities and other specialised industrial lines producing an a large range of different glass types : clear float, extra-clear float, body-tinted glass, low-E glass, solar control glass, patterned glass, laminated safety glass, silvered glass etc.


Leading glass manufacturer in Europe, Saint-Gobain Glass is n°2 worldwide.


The Saint-Gobain Glass Solutions network incorporates more than 300 production sites throughout Europe dedicated on the processing and distribution of finished glass products for the construction sector.